HMS Colossus artifacts for sale

Below are some artifacts for sale that I have salvaged from the wreck over the years.You should be aware that I have raised a vast collection of material from this wreck and much of it had been on display in my local museum here on the Isles of Scilly for nearly 15 years. Sadly, they decided no longer to keep it so much of it now must go as a result. A second smaller display is on show on the mainland in Chichester Museum for the next 15months. I am also the author of the limited edition book entitled- 'Wreck of Colossus' . Any purchase you make from me will come with an individually hand written and signed letter of providence from myself- the salvor. To read more about this wreck either go to my HMS Colossus page on this blog or read my book available at:  If you wish to purchase any of the artifacts from this wreck on sale here, then also contact me directly from that same web site, where you can find my email address. State which item you desire. I have lots more than shown on here so make a request for pictures. For payments I accept Paypal, or cheque, or a direct bank transfer.

I have various sizes of the ships hull fastenings for sale such as the huge 3 foot long roved solid copper hull fastenings; copper ragged deck nails & keel staples.  Pick one you like the look of and I will send pictures if its not already sold.

Here is one looking at the roved end.

Here is one partial hull fastening with sea bed concretion still attached, it comes with the wooden display base it is on.  

 I have various types of pulley sheaves. These were either used in the rigging of the ship or the movement of her guns. Here is a set of 3no 8 inch sheaves on original shaft. All 3 are arrow marked and all are made of the self lubricating hardwood- Lignum vitea
Here is a sea bed worm eaten large sheave that once was affixed to the side of the ship to control the end of the yard arm. It has a brass 3 cornered centre coak on both sides 

I also have a few personal items such as this wooden sail makers Fid

Heres a few coins from the wreck.

 I have numerous bottles from the wreck of various types too. 

Here is just one example, a dumpy black (olive) glass porter with sea bed growths still attached.
 Contact me through my website for more pictures of items and prices.
 Remember, I only have a limited amount of artifacts from this famous wreck- once its gone!!


  1. Nice artifacts from the wreck and nice article about it.