Ships Figureheads

Alessandro Il Grande 1851. Tresco Valhalla collection (TVC)

Award 1861 changed to Valhalla.  TVC

Bernado 1888.  T V C

Independenza   Fiddle 1881 TVC

Independenza Stern board 1881 TVC

Boreas TVC

Boreas TVC

Bosphorus 1850 TVC

Colossus Tafferel 1798 TVC

Corea 1892 TVC

Eliza 1867 TVC

Falkland 1901 TVC

Flora TVC

Friar Tuck 1856 TVC

Intrepid  Stern board 1847 TVC

Jane Owen  1889 TVC

Lafaro (fish) 1902  & unknown stern board below TVC

Mary Hay 1852  TVC

Oregon 1867 TVC

Palinurus 1848 TVC

Primos 1871 TVC

Richard Brown stern board 1861 TVC

River Lune 1879 TVC

Rosa Tacchini 1872 TVC

Rosherville 1855

Salmon 1871 TVC

Serica 1893 TVC

Sophie stern boards 1897 & Award billet 1861 TVC

Thames. 1841 in Tresco Abbey Gardens but not in TVC

Unknown- Tresco Valhalla Collection (UTVC)





Unknown Tresco Valhalla Collection (UTVC)










Possibly Golden Lyon? 1681 TVC

HMS Actaeon 1857 Portsmouth Naval Museum (PNM)

 HMS Albatross 1873 PNM

HMS Apollo 1805 PNM

HMS Asia 1824 PNM

USS Lancaster 1858 Mariners Museum

HMS Bellerophon 1786 PNM

HMS Bellerophon 1824 PNM

HMS Bellerophon Stern 1786 PNM

HMS Benbow 1813 PNM

HMS Black Eagle 1831 PNM

HMS Blazer 1834 PNM

HMS Calliope 1808 PNM

HMS Carnatic 1823 PNM

HMS Centurion 1892 PNM

HMS Espiegle 1900 PNM

HMS eurydice 1843 PNM

HMS Glasgow 1814 PNM

HMS Grampus 1784 PNM

HMS Illustrious 1803 PNM

HMS Madagasca 1822 PNM

HMS Malacca 1854 PNM

HMS Minerva 1820 PNM

HMS Orestes 1824 PNM

HMS Poictiers 1857 PNM

HMS Princess Alice 1844 PNM

HMS Trafalgar 1841 PNM

HMS Victory 1759 PNM

HMS Warrior 1781 PNM

HMS Association 1697. Stern crest. St Johns Hall Penzance Cornwall.
Another carving from HMS Association 1697. St Marys Church Isles of Scilly.

Unknown. Venice Maritime Museum

Unknown. Venice Maritime Museum

HMS Colossus 1787. Stern Carving. Tresco Gardens.

All below are Cutty Sark Museum in Greenwich unless stated otherwise. There are lots of unknowns in this lot but they have ships names for some

The 'Golden Cherub' is obvious

'Sovereign' is centre front and the 'Rose of Torridge' in red and yellow on the right.

 'General Havelock' is left brown face and with the moustache. 'American Officer' is centre top.

The Marianne is in a Brown and Yellow dress The 'Duchess' is in the red top. 'Boadicea'  is bottom left corner in the Helmet.

In Red and white is the 'Maud' and behind her is an ethnic fellow from the 'Lalla Rookh' The chap in the brown coat is from the 'Wilberforce' and the lady in the blue shawl is from the 'Augusta Louise'

The dog is from 'Sirius' and 'Boadicea' wears the silver helmet.

from the left- 'Sir Lancelot'  then 'Abraham Lincoln' & 'Zenobia' in the brown dress

'Cleopatra' & 'Maud' &  'Lalla Roohk'  & 'Augusta Louise'

'Sir Galahad' and 'Omar Pasha' in fez with 'Abraham Lincoln' behind.

'Hunter' looking up with gun . 'Nannie' in white. 'Hiawatha' on the right.

'Cleopatra' in fishscale armour

'Garibaldi' with blackbeard. Blonde in blue is from the 'Rising sun' then 'Sir Galahad' with 'Omar Pasha'

In blue and white is 'Florence Nightingale' 'Old Goody' with ginger hair next to 'Garibaldi' with the beard. The tiny lady in front centre is from the 'Jane of Bridgewater'

'Arabella'  'Beda' 'Lady of the Rose' centre and 'Hunter' is right.

'Mr Pitt' is bottom left corner. 'Disraeli' is centre real with beard. 'Florence Nightingale' in blue and white. 'Jane of Bridgewater' is bottom right corner.

Top left corner is from the 'Gladstone'. 'Amphitrite' is naked next to 'Diana' in the grey dress. Then 'Disraeli' in the bow tie and ginger haired  'Old Goody' is far right

'Arabella' & 'Beda' & 'Lady of the Rose'

The lady is from the 'Navarino' Then 'Tantivy' in the red jacket. 'Mr Pitt' is centre front.

The Head of 'Gladstone' is next to the naked 'Amphitrite' & 'Diana' in grey


'Thermopylae' is in the golden helmet and next to him is the head of  the 'Mary Trail' In the centre is the 'Duchess of Sutherland' who is the large girl in green.

'Sophie Kirk' is left in the claret dress. 'Gravesend' is far right in red.

'Maria Christina' is top left . Then 'Thermopylae' between 'Sophie Kirk' and head of 'Mary Trail'

In the fez is 'General Gordon'

'Ophir' wears the golden crown between 'General Gordon' below and 'Maria Christina' on his left shoulder. to the right of Ophir is 'Elizabeth Fry' in a Brown dress..

Huge Figurehead from the 'Spanish Lady' stands next to a much smaller 'General Gordon'

A few unknowns behind 'Spanish Lady'

One of these is the Arm of  the figurehead of the ship 'Pluto'

A closer one of 'Lalla Rookh'

Side view of 'Hiawatha' & 'Nannie'

The figurehead of the 'Eagle'  stands behind 'Hunter' & 'Nannie' and 'Lady of the Rose'

'Arabella' & 'Beda' & 'Lady of the Rose' towering above the rest.

So many I couldnt fit them all in. All a bit too cluttered if you ask me. Some hiding behind others.  They would look so much better spread out ;and it wasnt like there wasnt much room to do so in the space all around the Cutty Sark!!

Next three images are from the Mersea Island Museum in Essex.

Not sure where this one is?

I dont know where the next 3 are either?

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