Site Plans

I have attempted to map numerous old wreck sites around Scilly, below are just some of them. These and other site plans are held in the Isles of Scilly museum- or copies can be found in the National Monuments Records Office.

Firebrand 1707.
This was the first ever site plan made of the Firebrand wreck. Unfortunately, the bloke who thinks the wreck is his to look after gave me a hard time when diving it so the plan was never completed. The wreck lies a short distance south of the Menglow rock Average depth 25metres.

The Crim circa 1620
This is the wreck site of an old seventeenth century unidentified 24 gun ship. Whilst making the plan I found clay pipes that an expert identified asto be from the Ottoman empire circa 1620. Three seperate sherds of pottery were identified by experts as Spanish in origin and of a similar period. I recieved an award of merit from the NAS for the final draft of this site plan. The wreck lies just west of Zantman's Rock at an average depth 40metres.

The Nancy Packet 1784
This site plan of the Nancy packet helped the IMAG dive team gain the NAS adopt a wreck award. The plan also encompasses a wreck called the Ocean 1829 which partially overplaps the Nancy. Depth 18m. See my other page which covers this wreck in more detail. Also visit

Innisidgen gun site 1645.
An unknown gathering of seven guns from an unknown source. These could be the ballast guns of the John, a ship that may have been deliberately run aground for repair at Scilly in 1645, but never got off again.

Pendrethen John? 1645
This site plan is over 12ft long. It is of the old wooden remains I found off Pendrethen, near the Cock frigate, north of St Mary's Island. I beleive this site could be linked to the Innisidgen gun site above.

HMS Colossus 1798

HMS Colossus 1798 Stern site

The above plan was adapted from one by CISMAS and commisioned by English Heritage of wreckage I found in 1999-2000. My own site plan (above it) also encompasses this site and the Roland Morris bow site including material seen between the two areas of wreckage. See my other page which exstensively covers this wreck. Also visit

Royal Oak 1665
This is my preliminary sketch of the Royal Oak. Hopefully lots more work will be done on producing a better plan of this wreck. See my page which covers the Royal Oak in more detail.